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A new newsletter + podcast.

Hello there! Welcome to Changing Newscasts, the Newsletter! Who would’ve thought five years ago, we’d be heading there, but here we are!

Welcome to our new newsletter where we’ll be posting stories that are currently up on our site. Also, we’ll be posting future stories for *paid* subscribers. Yes, we’re opening up a paid subscription for those updates because while Changing Newscasts is free for you to read, we don’t operate on a free basis anymore (since we now pay for the domain for our site) and money is needed to keep the site running as well as providing other services.

Also… for the first time ever, we’re gonna be doing audio stories! Just think of it as a new podcast from Changing Newscasts. So, while your reading stories that Changing Newscasts has posted recently, you can also listen to detailed stories to get a better explanation into the stories we post.

All of this is coming soon from THE Leader in The Latest News about Local Newscasts. In the meantime, find us at the following:

The first update is, without a doubt, coming very soon so stay tuned to Changing Newscasts for more.

P.S., we turn 5 in August. ^_^

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